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Better Care. Exceptional
Experience. Lower Cost.

Introducing the PBGH System of Excellence – the ultimate solution for self-insured employers to provide employees with effortless access to top-notch primary and specialty care.

PBGH is currently accepting RFI and RFP responses. Learn how to submit an RFI by reaching out to us at soe@pbgh.org.

Reduce costs by up to 33%
• Decrease early death risks by 19%
• Increase productivity

Transparent Data on Quality

Receive transparent and actionable reports on providers’ performance to ensure quality and access standards are being met. Enhanced, vetted data and meaningful quality metrics ensure you confidently make informed decisions about your employees’ health care.


Simplified Contracting

Say goodbye to lengthy, complicated contracts and hello to a simplified shared master contract that eliminates your administrative burden. With a shared master services agreement, you gain direct access to top-quality providers and can offer comprehensive advanced primary care to your employees, irrespective of location or regional coverage constraints.


Cost savings that are sustainable

Save money by enabling better health outcomes and fostering strong partnerships with health care providers. Direct contracting ensures transparency and eliminates hidden fees, while also prioritizing preventive care, early detection and effective management of chronic conditions for your employees.

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Download this brochure to learn more about the PBGH System of Excellence

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Increased Convenience and Access to High-Quality Primary Care

Get easy access to the highest quality providers that meet advanced primary care standards developed by and for employers. Employees receive exceptional care without the need for an annual enrollment (and set up) requirement.


Navigating Services to Top Specialists

A dedicated team of Care Connectors works with employees to make scheduling appointments easy, eliminating valuable time spent making multiple calls to medical offices. Employees can be confident they are seeing a top-rated physician.


Exclusive Employee Rewards Program

Employees gain exclusive access to privileges that waive co-pays and offer personalized benefits, such as transportation and childcare. This streamlined benefit system doesn’t require a separate enrollment process, allowing you to offer additional perks without the need for a dedicated enrollment option.


Download this brochure to learn more about the PBGH System of Excellence

Download Brochure Here

Enhanced Visibility

Increase your visibility among employers and health plans through the PBGH System of Excellence. Receiving the PBGH Care Excellence Program Award not only acknowledges your commitment to outstanding care but also enhances your presence among major employers seeking to partner with high-quality care teams and clinicians.


Direct Access to Employers

Bypass traditional bottlenecks, directly contracting with employers and health plans. By leveraging the PBGH System of Excellence, you elevate your practice’s reputation, ensuring it stands out as a top choice for comprehensive care, fostering stronger partnerships and enhancing patients’ trust.


Contracting Advantages

Stay ahead by being on the priority list for future collaborations, including with specific health plan networks. By proactively completing the Request for Information (RFI) and responding to the Request for Proposal (RFP) from employers, you demonstrate initiative and preparedness, positioning your practice as a responsive and preferred partner, ready to meet evolving health care needs and seize emerging opportunities.


Download this brochure to learn more about the PBGH Care Excellence Program

Download Brochure Here

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