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Our Story: The PBGH System of Excellence

Ensuring employees have access to advanced primary care is the best way to improve health care quality, patient experience and reduce costs. Yet, the existing primary care system is largely reactive in its approach to care and frequently isolated within the broader care continuum. 

Misaligned financial incentives, infrastructure and technology barriers and poor integration with other elements of care hobble primary care’s potential, compromising quality and driving up costs. 

The PBGH System of Excellence Delivers a Model of ‘advanced primary care’ that: 

Redirects current health care spending to primary care and changes the way primary care is paid for. 

Uses rigorous outcomes and quality metrics to identify high-performing providers and drive patients to those providers. 

Enables comprehensive care that includes screenings and management of behavioral and social needs.

What Differentiates the PBGH System of Excellence

We Know Employers: With more than three decades of experience working with the country’s largest employers to solve the systemic problems that collectively threaten the future of our health care system, PBGH has a rich history of implementing and scaling among the country’s most disruptive operational programs to lower health care costs and increase quality across the U.S. 

We Defined Advanced Primary Care: We didn’t just join the Advanced Primary Care (APC) movement; we defined it before it became a recognized term and practice.  PBGH was the first organization to define ‘advanced primary care’ attributes and led the way in tying payment to the definitions of advanced primary care with contract standards.

Nothing Narrow About It:
PBGH’s Primary and Specialty Care System of Excellence Offers Broad Array of Features and Benefits 

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