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PBGH: Leading the Transformation of U.S. Health Care

Join PBGH in transforming U.S. health care for American workers and their families. By coming together through joint contracting, employers can enhance the quality of care for their employees, ensuring the delivery of top-tier equitable and appropriate care.

And it’s not just employers who benefit. Providers also have the opportunity to partner with multiple employers seamlessly, reducing administrative burdens thanks to PBGH’s work in establishing shared standards for advanced primary care.

Expanding to More Markets

We are proud to announce that our System of Excellence is now expanding to several new markets:

– Arlington/D.C. Metro Area
– Dallas, TX
– Denver, CO
– Oklahoma City

– Orlando, Florida
– San Antonio, TX
– San Francisco Bay Area

Thank You for Your Commitment

We deeply appreciate your dedication to our shared goal of improving access to high-quality primary care. If you have any questions about a specific market or would like to learn more about submitting an RFI, please reach out to us at soe@pbgh.org.  Together, we can make a difference.