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PBGH’s Care Excellence Program

The PBGH Care Excellence Program, an integral pillar of the PBGH System of Excellence, sets the gold standard in rigorously evaluating and identifying top-tier primary care providers based on an employer-driven set of high standards and shared metric. Created over three years with employers’ feedback, this program acknowledges the expertise and commitment of top-tier primary care providers and utilizes the PBGH Advanced Primary Care Shared Standards, developed by and for employers, honing in on eight pivotal attributes that amplify both patient experience and care outcomes. These attributes, encompassing integrated team-based care to risk-stratified care management, echo the needs of employers and their employees.

The PBGH Care Excellence award enables providers to join hands with PBGH to not only gain recognition for their existing excellence but also enhance their outreach, making them more attractive for contracting with both employers and health plans. This program also eases the selection process for employers and health plans, introducing them to the PBGH System of Excellence, a national group of vetted clinics that have received the PBGH Care Excellence award.

In essence, the PBGH Care Excellence Program does for employers what the Michelin Guide does for dining:

guiding employers to unmatched excellence –
access to highest-quality care delivery

Why Should You Participate in the PBGH Care Excellence Program?

Because every recognition matters and signifies commitment, becoming an advanced primary care Care Excellence provider not only elevates the status of your practice but also offers a range of other benefits.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Visibility

Become more prominent among employers and health plans, leading to better collaboration opportunities and being more easily discoverable within the PBGH System of Excellence.

Contracting Advantages

Stay ahead by being on the priority list for future collaborations, including with specific health plan networks.

Direct Access to Employers

Bypass traditional bottlenecks, directly contracting with employers and health plans, leveraging the PBGH System of Excellence to make your practice a top choice.

Strengthened Reputation

Stand out as a trailblazer in primary care, fortifying your legacy in the medical community.

How you can benefit from the PBGH Care Excellence Program

Recognition and Outreach

Being recognized as a PGBH Care Excellence advanced primary care provider is more than just a title; it’s an acknowledgment of your dedication to providing top-tier care. This recognition widens your visibility among large employers looking to contract directly with quality providers. You also get the opportunity to be included in the networks of health plans that license the PBGH Care Excellence Program. Join the ranks and be part of an elite group, positioning yourself for increased opportunities with health plans and employers.

How to Become an PBGH Care Excellence Provider

While your expertise is evident, the PBGH Care Excellence award for advanced primary care provides a platform to further showcase your excellence.

1. Request For Information (RFI):

Participate in our initial RFI process to gauge eligibility. Only those who complete the RFI are invited to proceed to the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage.

2. Request For Proposal (RFP):

Complete our comprehensive RFP, which includes detailed questions about your practice, services and pricing.

3. Site Visits

Complete our comprehensive RFP, which includes detailed questions about your practice, services and pricing.

4. Designation

Upon meeting the criteria, celebrate your excellence with the PBGH Care Excellence award, a mark of distinction in the primary care realm that can be displayed on your website and other marketing materials. This award is communicated to employers and health plans and prioritizes your practice for future contracting opportunities.

Joining the PBGH Care Excellence Program means aligning with a benchmark of quality. Take this step, not just for recognition but for enhancing patient care and expanding your horizons.